Enjoy the Dance!
Group Classes are both an introduction to the experience of dancing with different partners and an opportunity for students to become familiar with a variety of step patterns. Partner rotation during the classes allows dancers to practice steps with a variety of partners. Group Classes promote comfort in dancing, learning lead and follow techniques, and the camaraderie of a new experience.

Private Lessons offer students the best value for their investment. With Private Lessons, the student works one-on-one with the instructor, receiving personalized instruction and immediate correction and encouragement. Through experiencing the physical awareness of connected movement, memory muscles will take the student to the next level of confidence with themselves and with other partners. In learning through the one-on-one method, both beginning and advanced students will find they progress faster and easier, as they enjoy the connection of partner ballroom dancing.

Wedding Programs

Your first dance as Husband and Wife – A Special Gift and a Moment to Remember Forever!

Your wedding day is important, and I want to help you make your first dance an everlasting expression of love and commitment and a memory you will cherish forever. I can help you plan a wedding dance program that will be an expression of elegance, style and grace. My assistance can include helping you to select your dance and music, as well as choreographing a complete routine for your dance. Additionally, I can help with Father and Daughter, Mother and Son, and Wedding Group dances.

Community Outreach: Group classes conducted outside of my dance studio at your facility. For groups of 10 or more that would like the convenience of learning to dance in their own surroundings.

Events: Are you planning a special event? Would you like to have your event sparkle with the addition of good music and dancing? I specialize in helping to create fun, exciting and memorable events.

Partners: Partners are not required. However, Ballroom Dance Reno will not provide partners for any dancers. Instructors encourage all dancers to rotate partners. Instructors will dance with students throughout the sessions to encourage proper frame and lead/follow.


Private Rates (60 minute sessions)

$65 – for one couple
1-3 lessons = $65 per lesson
4-6 lessons = $60 per lesson
7-10 lessons = $55 per lesson
$10 extra per lesson - each couple for couple two and couple three

Wedding Rates (60 minute sessions)

$250 - Basic Package - 4 lessons
$450 - Elite Package - 8 lessons
$600 - Grand Package - 10 lessons
$10 Extra (per lesson) - each couple for couple two and couple three

Group Class Rates – Three-Week Session (1Hr. 20min. Classes)

$55 per person for one 3-week session (3 - 80 min. lessons = 4 hours)
$155 per person for three 3-week sessions (9 - 80 min. lessons = 12 hours)
$20 drop-in fee per session

Outreach Group Rates – Contracted by Number of Dancers - Three Week Session- (1Hr. 20minute Classes)

$75 per person for 3 lessons for 10-19 dancers
$70 per person for 3 lessons for 20-29 dancers
$65 per person for 3 lessons for 30 or more dancers

Military, Veterans, Retired Veterans - 10% off first Group Class or Private Lesson

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