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Charley is a Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA) certified dance instructor and has enjoyed and participated in many aspects of ballroom dancing for over fourteen years. Initially she was attracted to ballroom dancing as a great way to increase her social activities. She soon found that she wanted to share with others the benefits (fitness, social contact, and pure joy) that ballroom dancing has brought her. She has used this desire over the past six years by assisting with the instruction and facilitation of group and private classes, and by gaining a thorough understanding of both the DVIDA and Fred Astaire Syllabus. Charley studies with Diane Jarmalow, the foremost teacher’s teacher in the United States and the founder of the Ballroom Dance Teachers College.

Charley has promoted, choreographed and staged a number of dance performances in the area. One of her favorite activities is to take dance to the community. Charley’s goal and mission is to share, with as many people as she can, the joy, pleasure, and social warmth that ballroom dancing brings.
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